Reelect Dan Carson to the Davis City Council





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    We Support Dan Carson for Davis City Council District 1


    Dan and Maureen with sons (l) to (r) Tyler, John and Glenn



    Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

    Davis College Democrats

    Gun Sense Candidate (Moms Demand Action)


    State and Regional Leaders

    Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

    Senator Bill Dodd

    Rep. Mike Thompson

    Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza

    DJUSD School Board Member Joe DiNunzio

    Heidy Kellison (Davis Cemetery Board Member, First Five Yolo Commissisioner)

    Helen Thomson (CA Assemblymember, ret., and Yolo County Supervisor, ret.)

    Richard Harris (DJUSD Board Member, ret.)

    Elizabeth Hill (California Legislative Analyst, ret.)

    Delaine Eastin (California Superintendent of Public Instruction, ret.)

    Winters City Councilmember Jesse Loren (Chair, Valley Clean Energy)

    Woodland City Councilmember Tom Stallard (Board member, Valley Clean Energy)

    Greg Rowe (Chair, City Planning Commission)

    Paul Jacobs (City Finance and Budget Commissioner)

    Elaine Roberts Musser (City Utilities Commissioner)

    Richard LeFlore (City Recreation and Parks Commissioner)

    Marc Vayssieres (City Bicycle, Transportation and Street Safety Commissioner)

    Allen Lowry (City Historical Resources Management Commissioner)

    Ron Cole (City Senior Citizen Commission)

    Timm Herdt (City Recreation and Park Commission)

    Yvonne Hunter (Village Homes resident; 2019 recipient, City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award)

    Sydney Vergis (Division Chief, California Air Resources Board)

    Gregg Fishman (Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board)


    Davis City Council

    Davis Mayor Lucas Frerichs

    Davis Vice Mayor Will Arnold

    Davis Councilmember Josh Chapman

    Davis Councilmember Gloria Partida

    Former Davis Mayor Brett Lee

    Former Davis Mayor Maynard Skinner

    Former Davis City Councilmember Stephen Souza

    Former Davis City Councilmember Ted Puntillo


    Other Endorsers

    Hiram Jackson (incoming school board member, Trustee Area No. 1)

    Cory Koehler (executive director, Davis Chamber of Commerce)

    Vanessa Errecarte (board member, Davis Chamber of Commerce)

    Rick Gonzales (Vice President, Davis Democratic Club board)

    Carl Schmid (Davis Democratic Club board) and Luba Schmid

    Bob Bockwinkel (Davis Democratic Club board)

    Jonathan Howard (Davis Democratic Club board)

    Bill Julian (Davis Democratic Club board)

    Sham Goyal (India Association of Davis)

    Ira Bray (former City Recreation and Parks Commissioner)

    Sinisa Novakovic (former Downtown Plan Advisory Commissioner)

    Don Gibson (former City Housing Element Committee Member)

    Adam Hatefi (former UCD external affairs director)

    Wesley Sagewalker (board member, Tree Davis)

    Lin and Peter Lindert

    Brian and Louanne Horsfield

    Judith Williams

    John and Lynne Morgan

    David and Denise Morse

    Patricia Inouye

    Michael Coleman

    John Kraft

    Pardeep Sharma

    Marge Callahan

    Carson and Krista Wilcox

    David Chung

    Robert Chung and Kathleen M. Rose

    Ernie Silva

    Kevin M. Smith and Diana Zaragoza

    Steven and Linda Book

    John Vaughn

    Kevin Wheeler

    Maureen T. Carson

    Alexandra Duffy

    Anne Da Vigo

    Mack and Jan Walker

    Chuck Roe

    Darlene Comingore

    Judy Reynolds

    William S. and Linda G. Bernheim

    Lynn and Tom Read

    Robert Medearis

    Mark Berman

    Jennie Bretschneider (Davis Wills & Trusts)

    George D. Tibbitts

    Fred Buderi

    Matt and Christy Layton

    Kelvin Kishaba

    Jerry Beavers

    Fred Main

    Mary L. Klisiewicz

    Wayne Wiebe and Cindy Hespe

    Bill Greene

    Russell W. Snyder

    Hadley Johnson

    Michelle Andrews

    Andrew Skinner

    Mohini Jain

    Guneet Bajwa

    Eric and Channa Roe

    Jay Errecarte

    Julia Craig Herdt

    Manny Carbahal

    Evan Cragin

    Bob Bowen

    Professor Subhash Risbud

    Karen and John Kiger

    Norbie Kumagai

    Holly Bishop

    Corey Day (incoming Davis Chamber of Commerce chair)

    Carole Buddingh


    Organization names, titles listed for identification purposes only


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