Why We Support Dan!

Timm and Julie Herdt support Dan!  From The Davis Enterprise: 

"Four years ago, I attended a coffee for candidate Dan Carson, who was running for Davis City Council.

I liked what I heard. He understood the biggest issues facing our city — an ongoing budgetary shortfall that was threatening the services that make this city so livable; a housing crisis compounded by a shortage of student housing and a fractured relationship between the city and university that was holding back progress; and public facilities that were deteriorating.

Dan was elected to the council, and he has followed through. The budgetary shortfall has been narrowed, new housing has sprung up on campus as the relationship between the city and UC Davis has been repaired, and many of our streets and bike paths have been refurbished as the city has placed an emphasis on maintaining its infrastructure.

I like what I’ve seen.

Because of district elections, this year I will not have the opportunity to vote for Dan. I urge my neighbors in District One to do so. He has a track record of looking out for your interests – and the interests of all of Davis. Please re-elect Dan Carson to the City Council." -Timm Herdt

Yvonne Hunter, Village Homes resident and City of Davis Environmental Award Recipient for Individual Recognition, supports Dan! Pending publication in The Davis Enterprise:

This November, Davis voters in District 1 will have a chance to re-elect Dan Carson, a dedicated public servant, to the Davis City Council. I’ve known and worked with Dan for many years.  Dan always asks thoughtful and insightful questions that get straight to the nub of an issue.  That’s why he is so well informed. 

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to engage Dan in discussions about various city issues, ranging from planning to energy and sustainability.  It’s always a great give and take and I come away with the confidence that Dan knows the issue, is open to  new ideas and takes his responsibilities seriously. 

Please join me in voting to re-elect Dan Carson in November. -Yvonne Hunter